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Last Updated: 20 Sep, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

I heard GNB is clunky and bad to play, is this true?

That’s the opinion of some players but that’s all it is, opinion. Others have the opinion that it’s fun. Play it and decide for yourself.

Can I do a single weave rotation?

Yes. But you will still be forced to double weave at some point so you should look at fixing the issues forcing you to single weave for a better experience. If your latency is bad enough that double weaving is an issue, try moving a necessary weave to be paired with Savage Claw, as this weaponskill has the lowest animation lock of any GNB action, and plan weaving mitigation in before your burst to avoid having to press too many buttons.

I heard it’s hard to move bosses as GNB? Is this true?

Yes, if you’re inexperienced. Some bosses are easier to move than others. However, this again stems from experience in stutter stepping between continuations to move the boss.

I used Superbolide but died anyway, why? I was told it puts you to 1 HP first and then gives you the invuln?

This isn’t necessarily true. The reality is your HP was likely very low and the damage of the enemies snapshotted before Bolide added the buff, this can happen to any Invuln, as they all have a delay and as such, if damage is applied before the buff, you’ll be KO’d. This isn’t exclusive to Superbolide.

Is it worth changing my rotation/opener to secure more Hypervelocity uses in No Mercy?

Hypervelocity is 180 potency, 216 under No Mercy which is a 36 potency gain. It’s not substantial enough to change the rotation or risk moving harder hitting abilities later which may result in missing No Mercy’s buff.

What if I misaligned my Gnashing Fang from No Mercy because of Downtime/user error?

Follow this flow:

Less than 17s on No Mercy? Hold Gnashing Fang or it will be pushed out of No Mercy.

More than 17s on No Mercy? Don’t hold Gnashing Fang because it will come up during the latter half of No Mercy.

Should I stack more SkS to get nine GCDs in NM?

It’s hard to answer this question conclusively for every situation, but yes more SkS is an option. However, there are other factors in regards to getting nine GCDs in NM. Hitting NM at the right time in the GCD clock, your latency and SkS are all contributing factors. See the “No Mercy” section for more info on this.

I heard Tenacity is useless, is this true? Some pieces are higher IL but they have tenacity so should I just avoid them to get more Crit/Det? Is Det better than DH now that it's buffed? Why do some gear sets have a single Ten Meld?

  1. Tenacity contributes DPS at only a slightly worse rate than determination. Unlike piety on healers, which contributes zero DPS, it is almost never worth it to lower your item-level to avoid tenacity.

  2. Det did get buffed but the contribution of DH is still very good for GNB due to us not getting it naturally in our gear. Det is an option, but DH is still a strong stat for us despite the Det buff.

  3. Sometimes a Tenacity meld is used to break a stat tier. What this means simply is that when you have enough of a stat you go up a tier which means your baseline damage goes up. Tenacity breaking a tier through a single meld can offer a bigger DPS gain than say a DH or Det meld in that spot. This doesn’t happen often but it is something you will notice from time to time.

I only had two Cartridges going into No Mercy. Do I hold NM and generate a third Cartridge or just go into NM and delay Double Down?

You should not be entering No Mercy with two Cartridges. If you did, it meant you did an unnecessary Burst Strike earlier on or you weren’t doing enough Solid Barrel combos. You have more than enough time to do three Solid Barrel combos before No Mercy is ready. In that situation, there’s nothing you can really do to fix it. You can enter No Mercy and then continue your ammo combo and generate a second Cartridge to land Double Down, however this moves Double Down in your NM window and loses a burst strike and is something you’ll have to account for in future NM windows. Unfortunately, GNB’s solution for mistakes is just “Deal with it and don’t let it happen in future pulls” due to how strict the rotation is.

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