Paladin FAQ
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Last Updated: 12 Jan, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.3

Which rotation should I use?

The damage between each is almost exactly the same. The standard rotation (infographic embedded above) is recommended over the looping rotations due to ease of learning, but you can pick whichever one you prefer.

Why no Holy Spirit during Requiescat?

Holy Spirit consumes Requiescat stacks, as do the Confiteor combo actions. The Confiteor combo actions are barely worth using with no Requiescat buff

Why is hardcast Holy Spirit not really 350 potency?

PLD auto-attacks are normalized to 90p every 3s, so with a 1 second cast time (1.5s tooltip cast time minus 0.5s slidecast window), auto-attacks are delayed by 1 second every hardcast. On average, hardcast Holy Spirit is equivalent to 320 potency.

What GCD speed should I use?

2.50 is ideal (see the Best-in-Slot page)

How do I play with a faster GCD speed?

Weave Fight or Flight late in the GCD like so: :lateweave~1:

Why don't we want 9 GCDs in Fight or Flight? It's free potency.

You need to give up damaging substats to get a faster GCD, so it’s not free. Plus, a significant portion of Paladin’s rotation is made up of spells, which aren’t affected by Skill Speed.

At slow speeds like 2.48, it’s possible to get 9 GCDs in FoF by clipping your GCD every minute, but the performance is identical to 2.50 and is infeasible unless you have <10ms ping.

At faster speeds like 2.40-2.45, you need to add an extra GCD every minute, which causes oGCDs and buff windows to drift significantly.

At even faster speeds (<2.40), you’re giving up so many damaging substats to get an additional filler GCD and reduce drift by a tiny amount, it is never worth it.

I have very high latency (100+ ms), what speed should I play?

Getting 9 GCDs in Fight or Flight is highly execution and latency dependent, on top of being worse than 2.50 in almost all cases. Use 2.50 and avoid double weaving.

Spell Speed?

Spell Speed affects even less of the rotation than Skill Speed does

How does Paladin stack up in 6.3?

On an infinite simulation (aka worst case killtime, not suitable for any meaningful comparisons) it’s ~3% worse. The stronger burst has made it so that it’s likely the same or better than 6.2 Paladin in real encounters. We expect it to be similar to WAR/GNB but only time can tell.

Should I use Requiescat before or after Fight or Flight?

Requiescat does a decent chunk of damage and FoF buffs all damage. Use Requiescat inside of Fight or Flight

How do I recover the rotation if I lose uptime or make a mistake?

6.3 Paladin is easier to recover than ever.

  • With the standard rotation, as long as your Fight or Flight, Goring Blade, and Requiescat cooldowns remain together, you can continue with the rotation as if nothing happened.
  • With looping rotations, you can either add filler Holy Spirits, drop Atonements, or give up on the loop and switch to the priority based rotation. The exact number of fillers you need to add or remove is situation-dependent and requires both experience and a thorough understanding of the rotation.

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