Paladin Changes
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Last Updated: 6 Nov, 2023
Patch Applicable:


Circle of Scorn, Requescat, and all 4 hits of the Blade of Valor combo are buffed by 20 potency. No gameplay changes.


Royal Authority, Atonement, Riot Blade, and Circle of Scorn buffed. Atonement no longer breaks combo so we can hold them for Fight or Flight (don’t overwrite stacks!)


Big rework! DoTs removed, FoF shorter but buffs all damage, Royal Authority gives an empowered Holy Spirit, Requiescat now used exclusively on Confiteor combo, and Goring changed to a strong GCD with a one minute cooldown


Blade of Faith and Blade of Truth buffed by 20p each. Holy Spirit buffed by 40p (under Requiescat). Expiacion buffed by 80p. Overall a ~2.7% buff. See guides for more info on rotational changes.


Blade of Valor combo buffed by 40 potency per hit and Holy Spirit buffed by 20 potency under Requiescat. No changes to rotation. 18s prepull opener is still preferred for an unknown killtime. Holy Spirit also buffed pre-lv84 (20p unbuffed, 40p under Requiescat).


6.1: No rotational changes! See here for updated tooltips.


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