Paladin Leveling Guide
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Last Updated: 3 Aug, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.21
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Paladin Leveling

Dungeon Tips

Keeping Aggro

Turn on Iron Will and never turn it off. As long as you keep hitting the mobs, you will have aggro on them. In multi-target situations, use AoE so that you can keep aggro on all mobs.

Pulling Mobs

There are a variety of ways to ensure you pull all of the mobs in a pack quickly and reliably, without stopping on your way to the next pack of mobs.

  • Run up to the mobs so they see and run to you and hit an AoE combo GCD once they are in range to secure aggro.
  • Tab through the mobs and use Shield Lob while weaving any damaging oGCDs or Provoke.
  • Try to position the mobs so that they are in a tight clump: this lets you, your DPS, and your healers use their AoE damage more effectively.
  • Pull melee enemies onto ranged enemies so that the ranged enemies are also in the clump. Alternatively, drag mobs around a corner so the ranged enemies are forced to run next to you in order to attack.


Cycle through your mitigation on trash pulls (they hurt more than bosses). Rather than using it all at once, keeping something up at all times can help your healer keep you alive more easily. More powerful mitigation cooldowns like Rampart, Sentinel, and Arm’s Length can be paired with weaker ones like Reprisal or Sheltron.

Hallowed Ground is your most powerful dungeon cooldown and should be used proactively where you expect to be taking the most damage, rather than saving it for emergencies. Aim to get at least two uses of Hallowed Ground in a single dungeon.


This section will start at level 15, since that is the level requirement for the first dungeon. Each section will only cover the differences from the previous rotations.

Level 15

Single Target:

  • Alternate Fast Blade and Riot blade on the target. Use Fight or Flight late in the global cooldown after Fast Blade to fit an extra Riot Blade at the end of the buff window.

Multi Target:

  • Spam Total Eclipse. Use Fight or Flight late in the global cooldown to fit an extra GCD in the buff window.

Level 26

Single Target:

  • Spam the Rage of Halone combo (Fast Blade, Riot Blade, Rage of Halone). Continue using Fight or Flight late in the global cooldown after Fast Blade (right before Riot Blade) to fit the last Rage of Halone into the buff window.

Level 30

  • Use Spirits Within on cooldown. The first use and every other use afterwards should naturally fall within the Fight or Flight buff window.

Level 40

Multi Target:

  • Spam the Prominence combo (Total Eclipse, Prominence). Use Fight or Flight late in the GCD after Total Eclipse.

Level 50

  • Use Circle of Scorn on cooldown. The first use and every other use afterward should naturally fall within the Fight or Flight buff window.

Level 54

Single Target:

  • The single target loop consists of one Goring Blade combo (Fast Blade, Riot Blade, Goring Blade) followed by two Rage of Halone combos, then repeat.
  • Fight or Flight should be used late in the GCD after the Fast Blade in the Goring Blade combo, resulting in both Goring Blades being buffed by the Fight or Flight buff

Level 60

Single Target:

  • Rage of Halone gets upgraded to Royal Authority.

Level 68

Single Target:

  • Use Requiescat when you have around 15 seconds left on Fight or Flight (this will be after the second Riot Blade and before the first Royal Authority in the Fight or Flight window).
  • After the second Goring Blade in the Fight or Flight window, use Holy Spirit five times.
  • Use another Goring Blade combo followed by two Royal Authority combos before beginning the loop again with a Goring Blade combo with Fight or Flight.

Level 72

Multi Target:

  • Whenever Requiescat is available, use it and then use Holy Circle five times.
  • In multi-target situations, prioritize using Requiescat before Fight or Flight.

Level 74

  • Use both charges of Intervene in the Fight or Flight buff window.

Level 76

Single Target:

  • In every group of two Royal Authority combos, replace the second one with three Atonements.

  • The loop should now look like:

    • Goring Blade combo (Fight or Flight late in the GCD after Fast Blade)
    • Royal Authority combo (Requiescat any time after the Riot Blade here and before the first Holy Spirit)
    • 3x Atonement
    • Goring Blade combo
    • 5x Holy Spirit
    • Goring Blade combo
    • Royal Authority combo
    • 3x Atonement
    • Repeat.

Level 80

Single Target:

  • Replace the fifth Holy Spirit with Confiteor.

Multi Target:

  • Replace the fifth Holy Circle with Confiteor.

Level 86

  • Spirits Within upgrades to Expiacion.

Level 90

  • After using Confiteor, follow up with the Blade of Valor combo.
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