Paladin Openers
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Last Updated: 19 Sep, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.21

Paladin Openers

Tanks currently use Grade 7 Tinctures of Strength (Strength also affects tank magic potency, including healing).

The choice of opener is encounter-specific and depends on factors such as when downtime happens, melee disengages and choice of strat, kill-times, etc. See the Encounter Optimization page (Coming Soon!) for encounter-specific optimization.

In-depth Opener and Rotation Graphics

Slow GCD Rotation (new with 6.2, for 2.46 and slower GCD)

Paladin Slow GCD Opener and Rotation infographic

Fast GCD Rotation (legacy, for 2.45 and faster GCD)

Paladin Fast GCD Opener and Rotation infographic

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