Paladin Openers
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Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.5

Paladin Opener and Rotation

Tanks currently use Grade 4 Tinctures of Strength (Strength also affects tank magic potency, including healing)

Quick Opener/Rotation Graphic:


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60 Second Rotation

Paladin’s natural rotation is approximately 63 seconds long, which means Fight or Flight and Requiescat (both with 60-second cooldowns) are delayed by 1 GCD per minute. In some situations this can cost FoF GCDs or even a Confiteor usage before the end of a phase, and in long encounters with minimal downtime, physical oGCDs must eventually be delayed as well to stay lined up with FoF.

By using one less Holy Spirit per minute (or Atonement, if necessary), the rotation may be shortened to 60 seconds. However, this comes at the additional cost of a Goring Blade tick, and may not be a potency gain if the phase ends on a weaker GCD than Atonement as a result, or if a 63-second rotation lines up better with certain mechanics.

There is no simple answer for which rotation is best without considering how it affects the entire encounter.

Shifted Atonement Rotation

Following a Fight or Flight opener in a full-uptime situation, every third Atonement may be delayed until after the next Goring Blade to fit four Atonements into each Fight or Flight window. This is a minor potency gain (~0.5% average, depending on rotation length and server DoT tick timing) as long as Goring Blades remain eight or nine GCDs apart.

Note that Fight or Flight is used after Riot Blade and must contain 11 GCDs.

Specific Encounters

Refer to the Balance Discord (for now) for encounter-specific rotation advice.