Paladin Skills Overview
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Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.5


Iron Will

Toggle | 10s cooldown after toggling on. | No cooldown for toggling off.

Increases enmity generation by 10x (Enmity is also known as aggro, hate, etc.).

Keep this on in dungeons or as the main tank (in content with more than one tank).

Fight or Flight

60s cooldown.

+25% physical damage for 25 seconds.

By using Fight or Flight late into the GCD (just before the next GCD), it is possible to fit 11 physical GCDs into the buff window.


60s cooldown.

150-550 potency (magical) depending on current MP.

Scales linearly from 150 potency at 0 MP to 550 potency at max MP.

If used with at least 8,000 MP, provides a 12 second buff:

  • +50% Magic Damage.
  • Spells have no cast time (Lv. 78).
  • Enables use of Confiteor, which removes the buff when used (Lv. 80).

Single Target GCDs

Goring Blade Combo

Fast Blade > Riot Blade > Goring Blade

200 > 300 > 390 potency + 595 potency DoT over 21 seconds (physical damage).

The DoT portion snapshots buffs and debuffs when Goring Blade is cast.

+1000 MP from Riot Blade

Royal Authority Combo

Fast Blade > Riot Blade > Royal Authority

200 > 300 > 550 potency (physical damage)

+3 Sword Oath

+1000 MP from Riot Blade

(Upgrades from Rage of Halone).


550 potency (physical)

Costs one Sword Oath.

+400 MP

Holy Spirit

350 potency (magical) | 1.5s cast time

Costs 2000 MP.


800 potency (magical damage).

Costs 2,000 MP.

AoE around target.

Requires and consumes the Requiescat buff.

Offensive Abilities (oGCDs)

Spirits Within

100-370 potency depending on current HP (physical damage). | 30s cooldown.

Scales linearly from 100 potency at 1 HP to 370 potency at max HP.

+500 MP

Circle of Scorn

120 potency + 175 potency DoT over 15 seconds (physical damage). | 25s cooldown.

AoE centered on self.


200 potency (physical damage). | 2 charges.

30s charge time.

Defensive and Utility Abilities


20% damage reduction.

20s duration | 90s cooldown


30% damage reduction.

15s duration | 120s cooldown


Guarantees blocks.

20% damage reduction (at Lv. 80).

6s duration | 6s cooldown

Costs 50 Oath Gauge, which is generated at a rate of 50 per ~23s.

Passage of Arms

Channel for up to 18 seconds.

Guarantees blocks.

120s cooldown

Provides 15% damage reduction to party members behind you (lasts at least 5s, see FAQ for more details).

Cancelled by taking any action (including turning your character).

Divine Veil

If you receive a GCD heal from anybody in the next 30s, party members near you get a shield for 10% of your HP

Shield duration: 30s | 90s cooldown


10% damage down to nearby enemies

10s duration | 60s cooldown


10% damage reduction

6s duration | 10s cooldown

If either Rampart or Sentinel are active on you when you cast Intervention, damage reduction is increased to 20% or 25% respectively, or 35% if both are active.


Tether to target party member as long as they are within 10y

12s duration | 120s cooldown

Redirect most damage and knockbacks on the covered target to you (exceptions exist)

Uses your buffs/debuffs (except Hallowed Ground) to calculate damage and ignores the covered target’s


Instantly gives you top enmity on the target with a significant enmity lead (this enmity lead is affected by Iron Will)


120s cooldown

Takes 25% of your enmity and gives it to target party member.

Affects everything on the enemy list.

Arm’s Length

6s duration | 120s cooldown

Become immune to most knockback and pull in effects.

Applies a 20% auto-attack and cast time slow for 15s to enemies that attack you (resisted by most bosses).


Prominence Combo

Total Eclipse > Prominence

120 > 220 potency (physical damage).

+500 MP

Circle AoE centered on self.

Replaces single target combos at 3+ enemies.

Holy Circle

250 potency (magical damage)

Circle AoE centered on self.

Replaces Holy Spirit at 3+ enemies.

Other Actions (Infrequently Used)



1200 potency heal on target.

2000 MP (4,000 before Lv. 64)

When used on another target, also heals you for half as much.

Shield Lob

120 potency (physical damage)

  • Enmity multiplier
  • Ranged attack

Shield Bash

110 potency (physical damage)

6s stun


Low Blow

25s cooldown | 5s stun


30s cooldown

Interrupts target’s action.

Interruptible actions are denoted by red flashing castbars:

Normal castbar:

Interruptible castbar: