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Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.08

What is wrong with my log? How do I improve?

First you check IR windows, just toss the log into XIVA and see what it tells you: https://xivanalysis.com/

Second, I like to check GCDs outside of Eye buff. You can do this by selecting your name -> Damage done -> Events > Click the Eye button twice, until it gets a red outline. Make sure to discount the first three GCDs that you apply Eye.

You can always take a log and compare it to another log of a high % player (remember to adjust killtime to be the same). Compare your casts with theirs and it should give you an idea of lost uptime and rotational mistakes.

Next thing I like to check is how your IR aligns with raid buffs. You can do this by doing the same thing as above, but clicking the IR icon once instead. On the right hand side, it’ll show which buffs were active when you landed your attacks.

Last thing I like to do, and this is the thing people hate doing, is go to “Casts -> Timelines” to check for errors in the rotation. Is Eye refreshed properly? Are Upheavals and ICs going in Trick? Do you lose Path casts? Too many Onslaughts?

How do I play WAR?

The 6.x Guide

What do I meld?

Check the Stat Priority page!

Tenacity over Direct Hit?

Direct Hit as a stat only increases the DH Rate% of the skills, and not the damage. As we have multiple skills that already have baked-in Direct Hit, any DH melds quickly lose value, giving Tenacity a chance to shine (dimly).

Tenacity increases all damage dealt, much like Determination. While it offers some mitigation bonuses, it is often very little and near impossible to observe due to the game already having a 5% variance in incoming damage.

How much Skill Speed do I need?

We don’t need it. Maybe only for comfy reasons such as fight phasing or oGCD lineups etc.
oGCD lineups referring to situations where our GCD and oGCDs come up at the same time, forcing us to delay one or the other.

Warrior uses weird Melds, and I play other tanks?

Meld WAR, use DH in non-WAR weapons.
Consider melding SkS somewhere if your other tanks need it. WARs don’t.
Warrior loses more with DH melds, than other tanks lose with Det melds.

Food? Potions?

These can be found in the BIS sets, but here’s a quick summary.

As of patch 6.08:
Pumpkin Potage HQ (if running a slow BIS set)
Pumpkin Ratatouille HQ (if running the 2.40 GCD set)
Grade 6 Tincture of Strength HQ

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