Warrior Changes
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Last Updated: 17 Jan, 2024
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DPS buffed by ~2.88%, Vengeance effects combined into one buff, Shake It Off radius increased to 30 yalms.

Storm’s Path, Storm’s Eye, Fell Cleave, Inner Chaos and Upheaval buffed by 10~30 potency each.


Shake It Off:
Barrier effect duration has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds.
The additional effect “Gradually restores HP” has been added with a cure potency of 100.

Recast time has been reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.


Direct Hit melds now affect 100% DCritting skills.
Party buffs affecting Crit rate% and DHit rate% now affect 100% DCritting skills.
Maim and Storm’s Eye/Storm’s Path potency increased by 20 and 10/10 respectively.


Inner Release stacks are no longer consumed by GCDs other than Fell Cleave and Decimate.
Inner Release now grants Inner Strength, negating various status effects.


View the latest changes for 6.1 at the Official Site, located here!


Endwalker released, and various skills and traits were added.

The important ones are:
Inner Release was changed from 90s to 60s.
Nascent Flash was made into a friend-only skill, which gives mitigation and heals.
Raw Intuition was given a healing component, on top of its mitigation.


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6.21, 6.28

Potency increases to Combo actions, Fell Cleave, Upheaval.