Warrior Leveling Guide
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Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.4

Henlo team!

We heard you needed some pointers on how to play WAR while leveling. The splits below are done based on what skills you unlock, and what you should take into account.

  • Do your job quests every five levels.

  • Upgrade your gear every 2-5 levels.

  • Remember your role actions.


We want Strength and Vitality. And Weapon Damage. Lots of Weapon Damage. The marketboard is a good place to pick up some cheap upgrades fast, along with Dungeon/Quest/Tomestone gear.

1-30: Do the combo.

Use Berserk, as it gives you more damage and there’s no downside to it. You’ll only hit combo GCDs for now, along with Overpower. Use Tomahawk when pulling single targets.

Raw Potency-wise, Overpower is equally effective at two targets before lvl 26. When you unlock the Storm’s Path (lvl26), that balance tips over to “Overpower at three targets and up”. You still want to use Overpower to initially grab packs of mobs in one hit, though.

Thrill of Battle (lvl30) is nice, as it acts as a re-fillable bubble. Use it to survive damage spikes.

31-49: We got a Beast Gauge!

Notable mentions are:

  • Beast Gauge, the resource you’ll be staring at for the rest of the game. You gain it through combo actions (Maim, Storm’s Path).
  • Inner Beast, the first resource spender on Warrior. Its potency is a little bit odd, as it’s lower than Storm’s Path.
  • Vengeance, an actual cooldown that defines the angry, spiky Warrior. It deals 55 potency worth damage for every instance of physical damage you suffer. Read the tooltip.
  • Mythril Tempest, our AoE combo action.
  • Steel Cyclone, the second resource spender on Warrior. It’s a 220 potency AoE skill. Nice in large pulls, but not something we aim to actively use.

Lets see the earlier table, but this time add in the Mythril Tempest. Again, we’re doing raw potency, without Beast Gauge. This is just a leveling guide, not a 100% optimization guide.

Overpower and Mythril Tempest wins out the Storm’s Path combo at two targets. Again, this is without accounting for the lost Beast Gauge that each Storm’s Path combo would net us.

Aim to spend gauge on Inner Beast during Berserk, or when you would overcap, otherwise keep sitting on that Gauge.

50-63: Berserks will be full of Inner Beast / Fell Cleave as there is Infuriate.

This is a large level range. Our notable mentions are:

  • Storm’s Eye, another combo finisher to our Heavy-Maim combo, granting us a 10% damage buff.
  • Infuriate, giving us 50 Beast Gauge with a press of a button.
  • Inner Beast upgrades into Fell Cleave, our chainsaw damage button. Bzz Bzz.
  • Steel Cyclone upgrades into Decimate, our big AoE slam. Bonk.
  • Raw Intuition for a short 20% damage mitigation.
  • Equilibrium for 1200 cure potency self-heal.
  • Onslaught, our gap-closer.

The basic opener for single-target fights is:

  • Tomahawk +Infuriate (50 beast gauge)
  • Heavy Swing
  • Maim (60 beast gauge)
  • Storm’s Eye (70 gauge)
  • Heavy +Berserk
  • Maim (80 gauge)
  • Storm’s Path (100 gauge)
  • Inner Beast +Infuriate (-50 gauge, +50 gauge, total at 100 gauge)
  • Inner Beast (50 gauge)
  • Inner Beast (0 gauge), Berserk ends

Once you hit lvl54, your Inner Beast turns into Fell Cleave. At lvl60, your Steel Cyclone turns into Decimate.

The AoE effectiveness basics are:

  • Fell Cleave at one to two targets (590 potency per GCD)
  • Decimate at 3+ targets (3x250 potency per GCD)
  • Again, we are skipping the basic AoE rotation effectiveness here, and the Beast Gauge, entirely.

Basic rotation is:

  • Keep Storm’s Eye buff up.
  • Gather Gauge with Storm’s Path.
  • Don’t overcap your Gauge, use IB/FC only to avoid that from happening.

The following Berserks will rotate between three and four IB/FC within them due to the Infuriate cooldown.

64-69: Upheaval on cooldown

Carry on as before, but this time with a slight addition: Upheaval

The basic opener for single-targets:

  • Tomahawk +Infuriate (50 beast gauge)
  • Heavy Swing
  • Maim (60 beast gauge)
  • Storm’s Eye (70 gauge)
  • Heavy +Berserk
  • Maim, Upheaval (80 gauge, -20 gauge from Upheaval)
  • Storm’s Path (80 gauge)
  • Fell Cleave +Infuriate (-50 gauge, +50 gauge, total at 80 gauge)
  • Fell Cleave (30 gauge)
  • Heavy Swing (30 gauge)

“Wait, we lost a Fell Cleave?”, you scream.

Upheaval is a fun skill. Use it inside Berserk once, and twice between Berserks.

450 potency for 20 gauge, with no GCD costs.
This means that in the worst case, our “Upheaval GCD” combination is:

  • Heavy Swing for 200 potency
  • Upheaval for 450 potency (-20 gauge)
  • A total of 650 potency for 20 gauge, compared to Fell Cleave that’s 590 potency for 50 gauge.

Maximize your Gauge to Damage gains.

70-71: Unleash the Inner Release

So, you finally hit lvl70 and unlocked the trait that turns Berserk into Inner Release.\

This is where the end-game rotation begins. Read the tooltip of Inner Release and realize that you get a free pass to use Gauge spenders for ten seconds.

There are variations to the opener, but we’ll go with the one below for now.

Opener is:

  • Tomahawk +Infuriate
  • Heavy Swing
  • Maim
  • Storm’s Eye +Inner Release
  • Fell Cleave +Upheaval
  • Fell Cleave +Onslaught
  • Fell Cleave
  • Fell Cleave
  • Fell Cleave
  • Fell Cleave +Infuriate
  • Fell Cleave
  • Heavy Swing +Infuriate
  • Fell Cleave
    … Storm’s Path, Storm’s Eye, Upheaval etc. as per usual rotation.

72+: Nascent Chaos enters the arena.

At lvl72, we unlock the “Nascent Chaos” buff that triggers every time after using Infuriate. This turns our Gauge spenders into a more powerful version of themselves. We don’t get the upgraded Fell Cleave yet, though. We get the AoE upgrades first. Enter “Chaotic Cyclone”. Read the tooltip.

For now, we’ll be using Chaotic Cyclone as a 50 gauge spender, even on single-target situations. If Fell Cleave were to Direct Hit + Crit, it would win out. However, Chaotic Cyclone always does this, which leads to higher average damage results.

76: Nascent Flash

Funny skill, heals you for 50% of the damage you deal, and heals a party member for 50% of what healed you.
Basically 75% of your damage is turned into healing, for the next six seconds.

You are now the healer.

80: Inner Chaos

You did it. You reached the end-game. Go read the full guide.

At lv80, using Infuriate turns your Fell Cleave into Inner Chaos. Much like Chaotic Cyclone, IC always Direct Hit Crits, hitting a chunky 1500+ potency in total.

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  • 27 Oct, 2021