Warrior Openers
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Last Updated: 17 Jan, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.55

Warrior Openers and Rotation

Warriors prepare their burst while waiting for the party buffs to appear.
After the buffs are up, the skills are used more or less in order of importance, as to gain potential re-uses towards the end of the fight.

Opener Optimization

Assumed Timings:

  • Tomahawk starts at -0.70s and the pull starts at 0.00s
  • Party buffs are expected to be up at around 7.80s

Skill Speed requirements

  • >=2.47 or slower for skill-for-skill copy.
  • <=2.45 and faster may move oGCDs slightly.


  • Potion is expected to cover 12 GCDs at these Skill Speeds.
  • Potion can cover 13 GCDs. Plan accordingly.


  • Upheaval and Onslaughts are used late to catch Party buffs.
  • The expected timing for all buffs to be up is approximately 7.80s after Tomahawk lands.

All-Around Opener

All-Around Opener

The IR stacks last right until the 3rd Fell Cleave at 2.50 GCD. There’s nothing special about this. This is your usual opener, probably.

Early-IR Opener

Early-IR Opener

Requires a faster set (eg. 2.40 GCD).
Expected to do 13 GCD Potion to fit in 3 IC.
Does not require a Face Pull, but doing so should fit in 2IC 1Rend to most buffs.

Cursed Prepull IR Openers

There are fights in which it may be worth it to use Inner Release before the pull starts. For some reason, we created the cursed Prepull IR openers, as an option to consider.

Do not use these, unless you know the very specific circumstances under which you would want to use them. I expect you to do your own adjustments for any fight-specific needs. There is no support provided for these openers.

The main reasoning for the opener is to get IR on cooldown faster, gaining extra uses before specific fight phases. An example of this would be a heavy-padding Zodiark Extreme, where the aim is to get Inner Release for the Orbs.

Tightest of the tightest timers are:

  • IR at -00:09s
  • Potion at -00:02s
  • Pull at 00:00s

-9s IR into Eye
Prepull IR into Eye

-9s IR into Tempest
Prepull IR into Tempest

Triple cursed:
-29s IR into Rend
Prepull IR into Rend

More on various openers

There are more “Early IR” openers, and they all have various niche use cases. For a short documentation on these, please see this Google doc

Rotation Optimization

The basic rotation in a 100% uptime scenario is, generously put, a priority list:

  • Keep the buff up. Generally refresh between seven and 15 seconds
  • Don’t overcap on buff
  • Storm’s Path to gain more gauge
  • Don’t overcap gauge
  • Keep Upheaval on cooldown
  • Keep Inner Release on cooldown
  • Keep Onslaughts ticking (below three stacks)
  • Keep Infuriate ticking (below two stacks)
  • Burn gauge/stacks inside party buffs

The main goal for your rotation should be to maximize Storm’s Path casts and Storm’s Eye uptime, while pushing most of the available resources inside party buffs.

Further Reading

For more help regarding Warrior rotations; please check out the Warrior Guide here

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