Warrior Openers
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Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.5

Warrior Openers and Rotation

Opener Optimization

At present, there is only a single worthy opener for Warriors, mainly because we want to get Inner Release on cooldown as soon as possible to maximize its usage, and because we can fit an extra Fell Cleave inside the potion by abusing Inner Release’s +15s Eye extension mechanics.

IC IR IC IC Opener

IC IR IC IC Opener

IC IR IC IC opener takes advantage of the potion’s whole duration, landing in three Inner Chaos, two combo finishers, a Fell Cleave and all the important oGCDs.

Nascent Flash makes sure that you’re using Inner Release in the second oGCD slot between GCDs, and that it lines up with Upheaval. You can use Nascent Flash later on if you wish to cover any fight damage that comes up a few GCDs later compared to the opener.

If you are facepulling, move the Infuriate forward by a GCD, right after Heavy Swing.

Defiance and Tomahawk is enough to keep an enmity lead if you are main tanking.

Equilibrium and Provoke can be used during the opener for a flat increase in enmity if you are pulling the boss and will keep Main tanking the boss after the pull. As mentioned earlier, as of patch 5.0, Defiance and Tomahawk provides enough enmity and it is better to use Equilibrium for healing and Provoke for tank swaps.

Rotation Optimization

The basic rotation in a 100% uptime scenario is, generously put, a priority list:

  • Keep Storm’s Eye up and refresh it below 15 seconds.
  • Keep Upheaval on cooldown.
  • Keep Inner Release on cooldown (fight-dependent).
  • Hit five Fell Cleaves, one Upheaval and one Onslaught inside every Inner Release
  • Don’t overcap the Beast Gauge.
  • As a rule of thumb, use Fell Cleave only after 70 Beast Gauge.
  • Use Storm’s Path to gain as much Beast Gauge as possible.
  • Aim to use Infuriate and Inner Chaoses inside party buffs.
  • Aim to keep Infuriate below two stacks at all times.

The main goal for your rotation should be to maximize Storm’s Path casts and Storm’s Eye uptime.

With the combo timer being extended to 15 seconds, combos can carry over Inner Release. This means that after using Heavy Swing or Maim, it is possible to fit five Fell Cleaves before continuing the combo. However, it is easy to drop the combo by using Inner Chaos or an extra Fell Cleave right before or after Inner Release.

Further Reading

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