Warrior Stat Priority
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Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.08

Universal Stat Priorities are:

  • Weapon Damage »> Main Stat »» Substats.
  • Very few exceptions have existed before Endwalker.

Direct Hit is avoided for the most part because of how Inner Chaos and Inner Release work:

  • DH has no effect on either of those. Skill speed is no longer a requirement for us.

Warrior Substat priority and melds:

  • Crit > DET > TNC
  • We don’t need DH because Tnc gives bigger gains.
  • A single DH meld may be god-like for that one parse, but on average TNC wins out.
  • Skill Speed has no use for us, apart from high-end optimization

Skill Speed

  • We don’t need it. Maybe only for comfy reasons such as fight phasing or oGCD lineups etc.
  • oGCD lineups referring to situations where our GCD and oGCDs come up at the same time, forcing us to delay one or the other.

Why is Direct Hit not desireable?

  • Direct Hit as a stat only increases the DH Rate% of the skills, and not the damage.
  • As we have multiple skills that already have baked-in Direct Hit, any DH melds quickly lose value, giving Tenacity a chance to shine (dimly).

Why Tenacity?

  • Tenacity increases all damage dealt, much like Determination.
  • While it offers some mitigation bonuses, it is often very little and near impossible to observe due to the game already having a 5% variance in incoming damage.

Determination vs Tenacity

  • To gain +0.1% damage, we need to reach the next break point.
  • We will refer to these +0.1% gains as “tiers”.

These are approximately as follows:

  • 13.57 points of Determination
  • 19 points of Tenacity

To extrapolate from this, it follows that Determination gives us more damage than Tenacity, when limited to an arbitrary amount of stat points.

If we were to have 2000 points to use on either Determination or Tenacity, we would get:

  • 2000 / 13.57 = ~147 tiers of Det
  • 2000 / 19 = ~104 tiers of Tnc
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    Mox Xinmagar
  • 2 Feb, 2022
    Updated for Endwalker
    26 Feb, 2022
    Added a bigger body text to explain our stat choices