Warrior Stat Priority
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Last Updated: 17 Jan, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.55

Universal Stat Priorities are:

  • Weapon Damage »> Main Stat »» Substats.
  • Very few exceptions have existed before Endwalker.

Warrior Substat priority and melds:

  • Crit > Comfy SkS > DH >= Det > TNC
  • Be mindful of stat tiers when melding.

Skill Speed

  • We don’t need it, but we might still want some.
  • Mostly for comfy reasons such as fight phasing or oGCD lineups etc.
    • oGCD lineups referring to situations where our GCD and oGCDs come up at the same time, forcing us to delay one or the other.

What happened with Direct Hit not being desireable?

  • Patch 6.2 made DHit provide bonus damage to skills that have 100% Direct Hit and 100% Critical Hit rates.
  • After 2 full expacs of waiting, DHit is good for us again!

Why Tenacity?

  • Tenacity increases all damage dealt, much like Determination.
  • While it offers some mitigation bonuses, it is often very little and near impossible to observe due to the game already having a 5% variance in incoming damage.
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